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Medical Massage and Cold Laser Therapist Cheryl Russell has extensive training and has earned certifications for more than 20 years in treating acute and chronic injuries, sports injuries and pre- and post-operative healing. Here at Cold Laser Relief, you can return to a state of balance and PAIN FREE living.

Cold Laser Therapy Improves Back PainThe TLC-2000 improves shoulder
bursitis due to rotator cuff injury in
just a few treatments.
Our staff of healthcare professionals is knowledgable, friendly and compassionate. We take the time to fully listen to your concerns so we can thoroughly evaluate your condition and together plan your pain relief solutions. Our highly-skilled team uses the most state of the art cold laser equipment available, so you can be confident of gaining the best possible result for your particular pain issues.

We will thoroughly explain the entire process before treatment begins, so you can understand how cold laser therapy works to promote healing and reduce pain, as well as your course of treatment.

More and more healthcare providers are adding Cold Laser Therapy to their practice and there are many different types of light sources used to aid in healing tissue. Here at Cold Laser Relief we have 8 different types of Cold Lasers to chose from. There is not a single light source that works on every condition. It is extremely important to chose the correct light source in order to achieve positive results.

With medicine there is an art to the science we use as practitioners. We are not a “point and shoot” cold laser clinic. Cheryl Russell and staff have extensive education and knowledge of how Laser Therapy effects different types of tissue in your body. Practicing with Cold Laser for years has allowed us to become proficient in the art behind the science of light therapy (Photobiomodulation).

We are the “Go To” for pain relief. Each patient is viewed as an individual and treatment is calculated for their specific needs. If your condition is evaluated to be out of the range of our services, we have relationships with the best doctors in the area and will work with you to connect you with the appropriate healthcare provider.

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive and non-toxic treatment that uses light energy to repair and regenerate cells of the body. Other names you may hear are Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT), Low Level Laser Therapy (3LT), or Red Light Therapy. All refer to Cold Laser Therapy. Cold Laser has proven to reduce the need for medication, increase the recovery rates of affected tissue and improve the outcome of the conditions treated.

For over 50 years, Cold Laser Therapy has been used extensively throughout the world to effectively treat soft-tissue injuries, pain and inflammation. It has helped tens of thousands of people to manage pain and promote healing without the use of drugs or surgery.

Some of the many benefits of Cold Laser Therapy :

· Increases endorphin production, reducing the need for pain medications
· Increases cellular energy for healing through ATP production within the mitochondria
· Promotes collagen synthesis for tissue repair
· Improves lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation for a faster recovery

Some people wonder, “Should I try Chiropractic for back pain?”  Or  “Is Physical Therapy best for treating my arthritis and knee pain?”  Many people believe chiropractors or physical therapists are the only approach for pain relief besides surgery. The truth is, they are all complimentary to each other as alternative medicine, when used for the proper problem areas. Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy can be used as a combination or single modalities depending upon the condition. Cold laser therapy provides a pain free, non-invasive treatment for these and many other types of pain and skin problems, including shingles.

If you are dealing with an injury, disease, or have some areas of acute or chronic pain such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis or sports injuries, speak with one of the certified laser practitioners at Cold Laser Relief and schedule your appointment for non-invasive and effective Cold Laser Therapy.

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