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Cheryl Russell

Cheryl Lynn Russell
LMT, Certified Cold Laser Therapist

Cheryl is a leader in cold laser therapy for acute and chronic pain relief. She has been a soft tissue specialist as a medical massage therapist for more than 25 years. Cheryl designed a unique method of working with soft tissue and Pain Management combining cold laser therapy and medical massage therapy, using her expertise to treat soft tissue repair and for patient overall wellness.

Cheryl continues to expand her knowledge base and education in cold laser therapy by attending international conferences in Canada, Europe and throughout the U.S., learning the latest techniques in cold laser therapy from leaders in the industry. Cheryl is dedicated and passionate about all aspects of her work and will begin teaching her method to others in the near future.

Early in her career, Cheryl worked in many different areas of soft tissue. In 1997 she designed a program for the nursing staff at Lenox Hill Hospital in the neonatal department, teaching infant massage for premature babies born in their hospital. She volunteered her time in the hospice department at Southside Hospital in Oceanside, New York, treating the gravely ill for their pain management. After the 911 attack on New York, Cheryl offer complimentary massage therapy to those amazing volunteers that were working in the trenches.

Cheryl began and still practices in Great Neck, New York, with a focus on cold laser therapy and medical massage therapy. She specializes in soft tissue injuries and acute and chronic pain. She has been a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1995 and is a current member of the North American Laser Therapy Association as well as the international Association of Laser Therapy. Cheryl has been recognised for her achievements in alternative medicine care.

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Martina Mazzochi

Martina Mazzocchi
Certified Cold Laser Therapist

Martina is our Senior Cold Laser Therapist as well as office manager. She traveled to Canada to obtain the latest education and research in cold laser therapy, and completed her certification in cold laser therapy in 2011. She has had many hands-on hours in laser clinics receiving training specific to light therapy.

Working as a certified cold laser therapist for many years, Martina has been successful in treating many musculoskeletal conditions with laser therapy specific to pain management and over all wellness.

Working for Cheryl at Cold Laser relief for the past 6 years has been very rewarding. Martina has been able to see first-hand the look on people’s faces when they start to feel better, after they had been told there is nothing that can be done for them with other procedures. Martina has said she would not have continued in this field if she felt it was not helpful and beneficial for people. Every day in the office is different and that is what she looks forward to.

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Natalie Russell

Natalie Russell
Certified Cold Laser Therapist

Natalie joined Cold Laser Relief in 2014 and began the Cold Laser Therapy training and educational program in Toronto, Canada. She received her cold laser therapy certification in June of 2014. As well as treating cold laser therapy patients, Natalie is the friendly face at our front reception area. She is responsible for greeting our patients, scheduling appointments, answering phones and running the office smoothly.

Natalie feels being a Cold Laser Therapist is extremely rewarding. It is great to be able to see such positive results on a daily basis and be able to help patients out of pain. In addition to our patients, she treats herself for her own specific conditions, which has been extremely successful.

She is a tremendous asset to our team!

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