What Patients Say about Cold Laser Relief

Back, Hip and Leg Pain

"I highly recommend Cheryl Russell at Cold Laser Relief. She has been instrumental in helping me with pain in my back, hips and legs. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and an excellent diagnostician. I completely trust her abilities to get me healed and feeling better quickly. I particularly appreciate the fact that she will often have a "wait and see" approach with me. She does not pressure me to come back for multiple visits, but instead encourages me to listen to my body and to see how I am feeling, and then call her about next steps, if needed. If you are having any types of body pains, I suggest you give Cheryl a visit."

— Deborah V.

Hamstring Tear

"For over 3 years cold laser relief has been able to keep me on the football field after suffering many injuries. After a partial tear of my hamstring I was able to get back on the field in 1 week with little to no pain. After breaking my ankle I was initially quoted to be out 5-7 weeks by the doctor, with 3 weeks of cold laser treatments I was able to get back onto the field at 100%.
Cheryl Russell is extremely knowledgeable of the body and her practice, after doing my own research I came to find that she is a leader in the cold laser industry and recommended by many professionals. Her staff is extremely courteous and professional and made it easy to manage appointments."

— Evan R.

Post-Op and Scar Tissue

"I had back surgery in 2009 and the last words my surgeon said to me were, “You will be back in a few years. This is not a permanent fix." I met Cheryl Russell shortly after that and her first words to me were, “You will NOT be going back for surgery!"
Cheryl was right. She started treating my back to break up the scar tissue from my surgery and during the 8 years since, when my back has acted up, I go in for cold laser light therapy. It is just amazing how much better I feel after the treatments.
Cheryl Russell and her staff make you feel at ease and comfortable immediately. Finding Cold Laser Light Relief and Cheryl Russell has been a Godsend– and I am not a particularly religious person! This is a non-invasive treatment that truly works and I have recommended Cold Laser Relief to many friends who have had positive results as well."

— Carol V.

Knee Arthritis

"I was skeptical about light therapy. (Cold Laser) I never thought a light would help my bone on bone knee arthritis. My knees have bothered me on and off for years. I went to see Cheryl on a friend's recommendation. I found Cheryl to be extremely knowledgeable and she made me feel very comfortable. Today was my 4th treatment and my right knee feels about 75 percent better but my left knee is about 50 percent. I am just shocked that this light worked at all. Thank you so much Cheryl. Your office is very relaxing to visit as well."

— Debbie R.

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